Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Saint Patrick's Day- or as our youngest calls it, "Leprechaun's Day"

As parents we live for holidays to see the excitement in our children. Two days ago Penelope spent a few hours devising various traps in hopes of catching a leprechaun. She planted fake gold coins in a treasure box and taped one to the top tassel so that when the leprechaun tried to pull it off he would get trapped in the box until she found him in the morning.  She was almost successful!  In the end, she caught a snippet of his green coat tail, some chocolate gold coins, and he left her a note.  She was pretty excited and is already scheming for next year's traps.

Hopefully you were a little more lucky than us in getting a pot of gold yesterday.  Have a great weekend!

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Animal Facts, Valentine Puns, and the 3 Monkeys

I need to catch up on the past two months!  I forget to post here and am more faithful with the twitter, tumblr, facebook, and instagram pages for Whizbang Bags.  Sorry! 

January and February bags of cool animal facts and silly Valentine puns. 

Today's bags are a spin off of the old maxim of the 3 Wise Monkeys.  Seth altered one of the monkeys to make a glorified fart joke. haha  Enjoy!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Nativity Bags

Happy Lunch Bag Friday! 
Our last set of Christmas bags for the season.... sigh December is going by too fast. These are so peaceful. I love those soft highlights on their faces and baby Jesus' sweet head. I sat mesmerized looking at them this morning, feeling like I was almost there with them sharing that sacred moment. The girls loved them! Thanks Seth.heart emoticon
I've been enjoying adding past Christmas bags everyday to the Instagram page I created last week. I'll keep doing that- posting on there everyday and then new ones on Fridays. Follow there if you'd like to see them more often. smile emoticon

Friday, December 11, 2015

Punny Christmas Carols

Happy Lunch Bag Friday!  I'm completely ignoring the fact that I've been terrible at remembering to post here. To be honest, I'm not sure how much this page is viewed. Just in case, I'm starting it up again.  :)  I love the silly spin Seth took on some classic Christmas carols for our girls' lunch sacks today.   We hope you are having a very merry season!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Prepped Eco Bag Designs

Mermaid & Sailor


Bat Guy

Spider Person

Trick Or Treat

Apple A Day

Banjo Pig


Bo Peep

Cat Homework

 Cheshire Cat (Orange)

 Cheshire Cat (Purple)



 Dewdrop Princess

Elephant Rhino

 Fat Kitty

 Ghost Stories

Lion & Mouse


Pet Elephant


Friday, January 24, 2014

Lunch Bag Friday: SNOW DAY!

We've been getting a lot of snow lately.  My middle child especially loves to play in the snow.  I've decided she's part polar bear.  Last week she built a "snow devil" on the hill of our front yard and a bunch of tiny snowmen around him scared.  I love Seth's drawing of how happy she is in her pretend world- especially with that halo above her head.  haha

Every night the girls pray that school will be cancelled the next day because of the snow.  Sometimes those prayers are answered the way they want them to be.  :)  A few days ago, when school and work were cancelled, we went on a walk around the neighborhood and ended up having a snowball fight on a frozen pond.  It was so fun.  :)  I'm mostly grateful the ice didn't crack and no one fell in.  I've never had a snowball fight on a frozen pond before.  It was a whimsical morning.  I'm so glad Seth drew it on Kenzie's sack.  Below are a bunch of pictures from the snowball fight.

I like this photo below.  I walked around the pond to see if the waterfall was still running or was frozen over.  If you look really closely you can see a small Makenzie ducking as Seth throws a snowball at her on the pond.  

The kids were pretty tuckered out after battling dad for an hour or so on the pond so Seth pushed all of them in Pip's stroller (at least part of the way home- he was pretty tuckered too after all).  That was as funny to me as the snowball fight.  Not every day is magical or carefree like a snow day, but there are magical and fun moments every day.  I always have my phone with me so I can capture photos of those moments.  I love to write them out and keep track of them.  They make me happy to look at and share- not to give an unrealistic point of view of our lives as if everything is always peachy- but more so that when the other 90% of regular, mundane, busy, or hard parts of life are going on I can look back at happy moments and smile.  I lay in my bed every night and smile at those photos or videos I've taken that day just before falling asleep.  I like to end my day focusing on the good.  :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Lunch Bag Catch Up

 I didn't realize how far behind I was in posting Lunch Bag Fridays here.  Sorry.  Here are the Christmas bags.  :)  I hope you had a great holiday!